Gyoza With A Friend In Hakata


My husband and I had dinner with a friend that we first met in Singapore, and who now lives here in Saga; we went to a gyoza restaurant in Hakata. I had dinner with her at the beginning of my stay in Japan this time, so this is the second time for me to see her on this trip. We chose to fly in and out of Fukuoka for this trip hoping that we could see her.


The Gyoza here are piping hot, crispy, light, and delicious! They are so morerish! We had 6 “one person” portions – which have 7 gyoza in each portion – so 42 of them altogether!


We also had Zaru-Tofu, fruit tomato, fava beans, potato salad, grilled beef. The tofu, fruit tomato and potato salad dishes were specially tasty.


The restaurant was completely full and very loud so we had to shout to each other a bit, but we did talk a lot and had a great evening.

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