English Pub In Hakata

今日は、宿泊ホテル、ホテルオークラ福岡のすぐ近くで見かけた、イングリッシュ・パブ「Morris’s Hippo」という全然パブらしからぬ名前のパブでランチをしました。

We tried an English Pub near our hotel (Hotel Okura Fukuoka) for lunch today. It’s strangely called ‘Morris’s Hippo’.


I forgot to take a photo of my husband’s Fish’n Chips but he told me it was very good (but the portion was small). I had a Hamburg set (that came with Onsen egg). It was a little too salty but very meaty (in a good way) and very good.

ビールは、Old Speckled Hen。ちょっと冷えすぎでしたが、久しぶりに飲めて美味しかったです!

We had ‘Old Speckled Hen’! A little too chilled but we still enjoyed it, it’s been ages since we had it last.

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    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you for the link and thank you for the replies to some of my questions, but unfortunately there are still things I don’t understand.

      “waste” in “four with waste its cound, mix”. I cannot guess what this means.
      I also cannot still understand waht “scrap flour” is. Do you mean whole wheat?
      I also don’t know what “apostasy” is either, what is wheat flour peel??
      What is “the living from the Chinese” ?

      Sorry that I haven’t been able to understand the recipe. I cannot get hold of live yeast so I won’t be able to try this recipe anyway, but there might be other people who are interested in the recipe.

      1. Noodle says:

        By the way, by some reason you posted this comment in “English Pub In Hakata”…

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