Eating at Yatai (Food Stalls) In Nakasu, Hakata


After lunch, we walked to Canal City, did some shopping, had coffee/juice then walked to a large Electronic Appliance Shop on my husband’s request and came back to our hotel room around 4.00pm feeling a little tired. We walked a lot yesterday and today, I walked nearly 13,000 steps by the night both days. It was hot when you walked in the sun but just nice in the shade although it was cold at night with strong winds.


We have been to Fukuoka a few times before but this is our first time to eat at the famous Yatai (food stalls). For dinner we went to Nakasu, where there are many food stalls and had Ramen in “Yama-Chan” first. Here we waited only for a few minutes before there was a space for us to sit on the stools at the counter.


We then went to ‘Take-Chan’ for gyoza. There was a long queue here so we waited for a long time before getting inside, then waited for a long time before we were served gyoza. The chef was making only for one group of people at a time (for example, just what my husband and I ordered when it was our turn) so it was taking long to serve. Although the gyoza skin was nice and crispy I didn’t like the texture or taste of the filling very much. It was paste-like texture and didn’t taste as I expected. I much prefer the gyoza we had the day before. However, I did enjoy the whole experience of eating in these food stalls.

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