Spanish Pork

夫が作ってくれた今日のディナーは、スペイン風ポークの煮込み。Delia Smith のレシピのアレンジです。玉ねぎ、パプリカ、ポークを赤ワインと缶トマトで煮込んで最後の30分にオリーブを足したもの。ご飯と。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Spanish Pork, it’s a Delia Smith’s recipe but he made some changes.  Pork is cooked with onion, pepper in red wine & tinned tomato, then some olives are added in the last 30 minutes.  We have it with rice.


Pork is very tender, olives add some extra flavour and it goes well with rice.  Yum!





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