Dinner At Nassim Hill Bakery


It’s a public holiday in Singapore – Easter – but just today, not on Monday. This is why I got back from Japan yesterday, otherwise I would have come back today.

お疲れでしょう、とみなさんに言われますが、あまり疲れてもいないです。そこそこハードスケジュールだったような気はしますが、大丈夫みたい。さすがにフライトで飛ぶ日(初日と昨日)は多少は疲れましたが、翌日には普通です。昔から長期旅行から戻っても、翌日から普通の生活に戻れるタイプ。時差ボケがあればたまに昼寝をすることはありますが、その程度です。1週間くらい家でゆっくりしないと回復しない方も多いみたいですけれど。きっともともと丈夫なのでしょうね。なんて言っていて調子が悪くなっちゃったら嫌ですね(笑)。こんなとき、イギリスでは、「Touch Wood!」と言って木でできたものを触るのですが、日本ではそういうの、ないですね。尤も、わたしの普通の生活はのんびりだからというのもあると思います。

Many friends tell me that I must be tired after my long trip to Japan, but I don’t feel I am. It was quite a busy schedule but I seem fine. I felt a little tired on the days I flew (the first day and yesterday) but I’m back to normal on the following day. I’ve always been this way, I can go back to my normal on the day after I get back from a holiday even when it’s been a long one. If I have any jet lag I may take a nap but that’s the only thing. I know some people have to have slow days staying home for a week before getting back to usual. I guess I have enough energy in me. “Touch Wood!” Having said that, my normal is not that busy, so that’s part of it, I think.


I did have a few days with some stomach problem during my stay in Japan, though. (Yes, I ate too much and put more weight on, boo!) I also had a sharp pain on my lower back a few days ago and I felt some ache there for a couple of days, though. Both OK now, I guess that’s good enough for my age!


However, I didn’t cook much for a month and it’s a holiday today, so I didn’t feel like cooking at all, neither did my husband as he just got back from his business trip. So, we decided to eat out. We would usually go to “Nanbantei” or “Jamie’s Italian” on such an occasion, but I had yakitori less than a week ago and my husband went to “Jamie’s Italian” on a couple of Fridays while I was away, so in the end we decided to go to Nassim Hill Bakery, where we usually have lunch on Saturdays. It’s nice and close from where we are.


For the set up of my new camera I tried using Av mode, setting the F number small, I do prefer the results with a wider aperture like these.


My husband and I shared Chicken Morsels with Aioli Sauce (I think there was some smoked paprika in the sauce).


Then, we also shared a pizza called “Half & Half”. One half was pepperoni and the other was blue cheese (although I don’t think it tasted very much like blue cheese to be honest).


We also shared a dessert – Banana & Chocolate waffle. When we saw the size of it we were glad we’d chosen to share it! Banana wasn’t very nice but waffles were good.


The food wasn’t bad and we were in a good mood, drinking wine, as this is a long weekend, but when it got to about 8.30pm, 4 or 5 children (about 5 years old) of a group of local people started running around and around the restaurant, shouting loudly. Not the sort of time children should be allowed to run around shouting, but their parents didn’t seem to think anything of it. Such a shame.

Nassim Hill Bakery
56 Tanglin Road, #01-03, 247964

Tel: 6835 1128

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    Mmmm the waffles & pizza look spectacular. 😍

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