Teppan Works / Teppan-yaki

夫は昨日から出張しているので夕食のアップがありませんでしたが、今日はお友達と夕食に出かけたのでアップできます(笑)。お友達のご主人もご出張されていて今日遅くお戻りとわかり、急にご一緒することに。先日お友達が行かれて美味しかったので、ということで、「Teppan Works」に行きました。以前、ウィーロックの大阪キッチンで働かれていた方お2人が今年初めにオープンされたお店です、メニューは大阪キッチンの時のものと重複するものが多いです。わたしも夫と1度行って美味しかったのでまた近いうちに行こうと思っていたところでした。

My husband left for his business trip yesterday morning and isn’t back until Friday, so no dinner was blogged yesterday, but I will blog today’s as I went out with a friend, whose husband is also away and isn’t back until late tonight. We went to “Teppan Works” as she was there recently and liked it. It’s run by a couple of people who used to work at Osaka Kitchen in Wisma and opened this new place early this year. I’d been there once with my husband and was just thinking of going back.


My friend had some trouble with getting a taxi this evening. She got one booked but the driver couldn’t find her place and cancelled it, then the same thing happened again (no idea why as she doesn’t live somewhere hard to find, this seems to happen quite often actually when you use Grab) and finally got one on her 3rd try. While I was waiting for her I ordered beer and pickles and totally forgot to take a photo of the pickles.


We shared a few dishes – grilled Goma Tofu (new menu, one black and one white), Butatama Okonomi-yaki, square cut steak of Japanese beef, Sobameshi and Warabi-mochi. I cannot recommend Warabimochi as I don’t think warabi-powder is used for this but enjoyed everything else specially the steak. Their beef does have quite a lot of fat but it doesn’t taste or feel fatty and it’s so sweet and delicious.


The time flew as we had these tasty things and chatted away. I had a small bottle of beer and Fresh Grapefruit Sour (I think that was the name…) and my friend had 2 of Fresh Grapefruit Sour and the bill was about S$88. I think it is very expensive as the amount Of food isn’t that large, we were full but young people would have needed more. However, the quality is very high, specially the beef , which is superb quality, probably the best I know in Singapore; and the staff are great.

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