I had lunch at “Luka” with 2 friends. The menu here is almost all carbohydrate (pasta and pizza) and there isn’t any starter except a salad so I cannot go there with friends who are trying to cut down on carbohydrates. It would help if they had more starters.


One of the friends works most days during the week so we decided to have a quick lunch near her office, but she hadn’t arrived when it was 15 minutes after the arranged time so we sent a message to her and found out she’d forgotten! And she’d already eaten her lunch box! She came as soon as she realised our lunch appointment but she wasn’t able to eat anything, so she just had a cup of coffee and chatted with us while we had our lunch. I have once got the day wrong myself and didn’t realise it until I had a message from a friend, fortunately the restaurant was close to where I was so I wasn’t too late. I feel I can make such a mistake any time, I’m always worried about it because I seem to be getting more and more forgetful.


So, only 2 of us had lunch here and the other friend wanted to have Squid Ink pasta so we shared a salad to start with but ordered the main each. I had Amatriciana.


I left quite a lot of the sauce because it was strongly seasoned but I enjoyed what I had – it was a little spicy and the pasta was al dente, very good.

18 Tg Pagar Road
Singapore 088441

Tel: 6221 3988

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