Soup & Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad as I thought we haven’t eaten a lot of vegetables for the last few days.


Soup was “Costa Rican Black Bean Soup” that I froze a little while ago.

サラダは、4種類。1つは、アボカドとキウイのサラダ。「LIke Like Kitchen」 という料理本のアボカドとキウイのサラダが気になっていたので作ってみました。赤いキウイは甘いので、やっぱりグリーンのキウイの方が良かったかも。そして、久しぶりに作った Jamie Oliver のパスタサラダ。小さなパスタと一緒にトマト、きゅうり、ブラックオリーブ、バジルが入っています。そして、我家で定番のキャロットラペ、今日はレーズンとスライスアーモンドとシャンツァイを加えました。最後は、ビーツとオレンジのサラダ。

And I made 4 salads. One was Avocado & Kiwi Salad from a cook book “LikeLikeKitchen”. I used red kiwi, which is maybe too sweet, ordinary green ones probably go better. 2nd salad was Jamie Oliver’s pasta salad, I used to make this often in Hong Kong but I hadn’t made it for a long time. It has tomato, cucumber, black olive, basil as well as pasta. The 3rd salad was carrot salad (with raisins, sliced almond & coriander leaves today). The last one is Beet & Orange Salad.


I think the salads were a little too similar to each other, I should have made one that is totally different from others.

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