Solo (Italian)





I had lunch with a friend at an Italian restaurant “Solo” that my friend wanted to try. We both had their lunch set and chose Asparagus, Parma ham & Poached egg for the starter, Pasta with Beef Ragu for the main, and Passion Fruit Panna Cotta for the dessert.

The starter was fine. The pasta was too tough, too al dente, hard to eat. The sauce tasted OK but we were right under an air-conditioning unit and it went cold very quickly and wasn’t very enjoyable so I left about a half of it. The Panna Cotta, I thought, was a little too firm, I like it a bit softer, but it tasted fine. We shared a bottle of sparkling water, had tea/coffee and it was S$46 per person.

Overall impression was “so-so”, the interior is quite nice but I don’t think I will go back with my husband for dinner. They are apparently a South Italian restaurant, and the menu was mostly fish/seafood, maybe those dishes are better.

As we were having lunch, we were saying how hard it was to find good Italian restaurants in Singapore.

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