Teppan Works

今日の夕食は、鉄板焼きとお好み焼きのお店「Teppan Works」に行きました。写真のカマンベールとごま豆腐は1オーダーの半量です。


We went to Teppan Works for dinner today. The Camembert and Goma Tofu shown on the photos are half portion of an order.

Pickled Edamame (complimentary from the restaurant), baked Camembert, Baked Goma Tofu, diced steak, Pork with Kimchee, Sobameshi. No photo but we also shared a Yuzu sorbet. With 3 bottles of beer. The total bill was S$175.

Teppan Works
42 Tras St, Singapore 078981

Tel: 6909 9469

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