Patara (Thai Restaurant)


I had lunch with a friend, whom I hadn’t met for about 2 and a half months, at “Patara” in Tanglin Mall. As she had visited quite a few places during that time, I had a lot to listen to and I also had a lot to talk about myself, so we talked non-stop from 12.00pm until 3.00pm – not that that’s unusual!


We ordered Olive Rice and Stir-fried chilli & garlic – when I go there with this friend we have always ordered these two. We also ordered 2 things that are new or we haven’t ordered often – sweet corn cake and pork collar salad. I guess we ordered a little too much, we couldn’t finish all of it.


We had 10% discount from the bill through a website. We had lime soda with the meal then hot tea after the meal and it was about S$72 each. Unless you order from their lunch set menu, the prices are the same as they are for dinner time, so it’s a bit expensive for a lunch.

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