今日のディナーに行くレストランをなかなか思いつけず、最終的に夫が提案したデンプシーの Chopsuey に行きました。中華料理はあまり好まない夫ですが、ここはレストランの雰囲気が中華っぽくないのが良いらしいです。

We couldn’t come up with which restaurant to go to for dinner today until this afternoon. In the end we went to Chopsuey in Dempsey that my husband suggested. I thought it was a unexpected suggestion from him as he doesn’t usually like Chinese, but apparently he likes this place because their decor isn’t very Chinese at all.


We ordered Lettuce Cups from the starter, which we probably order every time here. From the main we ordered Smokey Sweet & Sour Pork, and Aubergine & Kimchee stir-fry, plus Super Fried Rice. For dessert we ordered from today’s special – English custard tart with coconut ice cream.


Lettuce cups were as good as always. Smokey Sweet & Sour Pork wasn’t very smoky and a bit too sweet for me but it was nice and crispy. Aubergine & Kimchee stir fry didn’t taste much of Kimchee and I thought it was quite sweet. We should have ordered just plain white rice, this rice didn’t go with Chinese food. Coconut ice cream was very nice but custard tart didn’t taste of vanilla, which was a shame.


The restaurant was very buzzy with full of people, their service very good and we had a nice evening.

Chopsuey Cafe
#01-23, 10 Dempsey Rd
Singapore 247700

Tel: 9224 6611

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