Amankila – Bali


We are leaving n Bali for 5 nights from today. 2 nights in Amankila and 2 nights in Amandari. We left on a very early flight this morning, got picked up by the hotel’s car and arrived at the hotel around 1.30.

この数ヶ月、イギリスのビザ、イギリスの家の売却、購入、引っ越しと何かとストレスが多く落ち着かない日々だったので、寒くて暗いイギリス に行く前に、一休み。とは言え、シンガポールに戻った翌週の1週間は夫は仕事。最後の1週間はどうしても行かなくてはいけなかったのだそうです。本当は最後の最後にバリ島でゆっくりしたかったのですが。

The last few months have been very stressful for us with UK Visa, selling our place in England, buying our house in England, all the preparations for the move… so this is to do nothing but relaxing before we fly to wet and cold England. I would have liked to come to Bali right at the end of our time in Singapore but my husband will be working for a week after we get back to Singapore, apparently it wasn’t avoidable.


We had a feeling we hadn’t been here for a long time but we found out we were here only 4 years ago.

Anyway, it is heavenly,


I forgot to take my husband’s lunch, which was a chicken salad. Mine was Mee Goreng.

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