A Few Days In London


It turned out to be a very sunny day today.


I heard from a friend in Tokyo that she would be coming to London. It was hard to be sure because we didn’t know when we will receive our shipment but we though it probably wouldn’t be this early so we booked a couple of days at The Savoy hoping it would work out and it did.


(Our shipment arrived at the Southampton port today, it won’t take as long for customs clearance as we had expected and it’ll be delivered to the house at the end of next week or on Monday after that.)


We didn’t realise when we made our plan but today is Black Friday and Christmas is getting close, which means shops are full of people. I had an appointment with a hairdresser after lunch but we thought we’d do some shopping after that, but we had to give up that idea as it’s just too busy for us!

ランチは、ホテルの近くの、ニューヨークで有名なレストランらしい「Joe Allen」で。夫はフィッシュケーキ、わたしはホットドッグ。

We went to “Joe Allen”, which is very well known, near the Savoy to have lunch. My husband had a fish cake and I had a hot dog .

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