The Welldiggers Arms


We had a meeting with our interior designer who is in charge of the whole renovation in the morning to decide the fabric for the main sofa, choose a sofa in my husband’s loft and some other decisions.  She has children so she’s been off work for the last 2 weeks since a few days before Christmas.

ちょうどランチタイムに終わったので、近くの The Welldiggers Arms というパブでランチをしました。レストラン併設なので、レストラン側のテーブルで。

It finished around lunch time, so we went to The Welldiggers Arms nearby.  It has a restaurant as well so we sat in the restaurant part.



The view would have been good if it weren’t so grey.  It’s been grey and sometimes a little rain most of the day.



We both chose a dish from their starters and shared.  My husband chose Celeriac Rosti, I chose “Today’s soup”, which was butternut squash.  We were expecting larger portions because many places serve large portions these days here, but they weren’t very large – well, normal size for starters so no complaints – so we also shared a dessert, which was Pear & Frangipani cake.





We enjoyed them all.


The Welldiggers Arms
Low Heath, A283
Petworth GU28 0HG

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