Thai Style Pork Rice Bowl


After coming home from the meeting and the lunch, I did my blog and my husband did some chores in his loft, then we had tea around 4.00pm and watched some TV programmes.  It’s nice that these days you don’t have to watch any programme when it’s broadcast.  Recently, we watch TV from 4.00pm TV in the living room because outside is completely dark by then and it gets cold, it’s nice and cosy in the living room with the fire on.  However, I suppose it’s too comfortable – I tend to fall asleep often.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Thai Style Pork Rice Bowl」(タイ風ポークのライスボール)。ガッパオをヒントに作られたレシピではないかと思いますが、使っている調味料がケチャップマニス(インドネシアの甘いお醤油)と日本のお醤油なのでタイ料理というよりも中華に近いように思いました。ケチャップマニスたっぷりなので甘いのはわかっていましたが、初回はある程度レシピの通りにと思いそのまま使いました。やっぱり、わたしたちには甘すぎましたので次回作るときは調味料は適当に変えようと思っていますが、それなりに美味しくいただけました。辛さは中位となっていてフレッシュの唐辛子は半分だけ使うレシピでしたが、ほぼ全部使いました、それでもあまり辛くなかったので次回は小さな辛い唐辛子を使ってみようと思います。そして、やっぱりこれにはバジルかな、と思い、次回はバジルを足したいと思います。実際、レシピの写真は、バジルを使っているようです。サイトで探して見たところ同じレシピはなかったのですが、写真は同じものがありました。基本のレシピを色々アレンジしてあるのだと思います。

Today’s dinner was “Thai Style Pork Rice Bowl” from Hello Fresh.  I think it’s a recipe inspired by Stir-fried Pork With Basil (Thai) but it uses Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) and Japanese soy sauce, so it tasted more like Chinese than Thai.  I knew it was going to be sweet because it used a lot of Kecap Manis but we wanted to follow the recipe up to certain degree when we cook it first time and we did find it a little too sweet for our liking, but it was still quite good.  We would change the seasonings, though, next time and use fish sauce and oyster sauce as well to make it taste more Thai.  The recipe suggested to use just a half of the fresh chilli but we used almost all – but it wasn’t very spicy.  I would use a small spicy chilli next time.  Also I really feel basil would be nice so I would probably substitute that for the coriander next time.  I couldn’t find the same recipe in their website but found a similar one with the same photo.  In fact, the photo that came with the recipe seems to have basil rather than coriander.  I guess they use a basic recipe and make a few changes here and there for variation.


As I’ve written already, since we started living in England, my husband and I have been cooking all the meals together and he was saying it was fun to cook something like this because he wouldn’t choose to cook it if he were choosing the menu himself.  He cooked for us on Saturdays and Sundays for all those years since we married but he tended to cook casserole dishes often, I don’t think he ever cooked any South Asian dishes.


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