Mooching & Lunching in Arundel With Friends

クリスマスの前までは度々お目にかかっていたお友達ご夫婦と、3週間ぶりくらいでキャッチアップをしました。夫とゆっくりArundel を歩きたいねと言いながらなかなかその時間がなかったのですが、今日お友達ご夫婦と実現しました。

We had a half day with our good friend couple in Arundel, mooching and lunching there..  We were seeing them very often until a little before Christmas, then they got busy with families so we hadn’t seen them for about 3 weeks.  My husband and I’d been talking about having a mooch around in Arundel but hadn’t had time, so it was great to be able to do so with them.

まずは、うちの近くのコーヒーを焙煎して販売もいるカフェ(紅茶も色々置いてありました)で、わたしはお茶、他3人はコーヒーを飲んでキャッチアップしてから、Arundel の街をぶらぶら。お天気が良ければ大きな池の周りをぐるっと歩くのも良いそうですが、ずっと雨が多いので道がぬかるんでいるので今日は街の中の舗装された道だけ歩くことに。街をぶらっとしただけですが、アンティークショップに入ったり、スパークリングワインのお店に入ったり、お花屋さんを覗いたりと楽しかったです。

Before we went to Arundel, we went to this Coffee Roastery my friend has been curious about, it’s quite close where we are so we went there and had coffee 3 of them) and tea (me) and did some catch up talk.  It was a nice little cafe.  We then mooched around in Arundel – it’s a very small town so doesn’t take long.  If the weather had been good we could have walked around the lake but it had been raining so much that the road would have been mucky, so we just walked in town, going into antique shops, a sparkling wine shop, a flower shop etc.



Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters & Tea Blenders
The Old Barn, Ford Lane, Arundel
West Sussex, BN18 0DF


Arundel では車を停めたところからブラブラと川沿いを歩いて、街を散策しました。川ぞいにはたくさんの鴨と1組の白鳥もいました。春にはたくさん小鴨や白鳥の子供達が見れるはず。

We walked along the river from where we parked our car to the town, we saw many ducks and a couple of swans.  We should be able to see many ducklings and cygnets in spring.



まだ見学していない、Arundel Castle(アランデル城)。

We didn’t go inside but walked along the walls of Arundel Castle.


地元でスパークリングワインを作っているという Digby に入ってみました。まだ、新しいお店だそうです。テイスティングもあるようなので、今度入ってみようと思います。

We went into an English Sparkling Wine shop, “Digby”, apparently it’s a new addition to the town.  They have a tasting flight, maybe we’ll have it one evening before dinner.



Some shots of the town.



This church is now used as like a small arcade of antique shops.


そうこうするうちにお昼になったので、先日入った「 Motte & Bailey Cafe 」でランチ。わたしは、今日のスープ(サツマイモと生姜のスープ)、夫はBLTのトースティー、お友達はキャラメライズした玉ねぎとゴートチーズのキッシュ、ご主人はハム、目玉焼き、チップス(フライドポテト)。

Then we went in “Motte & Bailey Cafe” again for lunch.  I had today’s soup (sweet potato & ginger), my husband had BLT toastie, my friend had Caramelised onion & Goat cheese quiche and her husband had Ham, egg & chips.




Soup was good, apparently the quiche very also very good.


Motte & Bailey Cafe
49 High Steet
Arundel BN18 9AG

Tel: 01903 883813


After lunch, we came back home, had tea and chat.  It was lovely to see them.  When the weather is better, we’d like to take more time and walk in and near this town.  It wasn’t so cold today (11C) but looked very grey (and I think I detected a few spots of rain after lunch).  As it wasn’t cold we could have enjoyed walking but when it had rained a lot the country roads get very muddy and we didn’t want our shoes to get mucky.  The days are now getting longer slowly, and hopefully there will be less rain soon.


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