Curried Beef and Chickpea Soup

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Curried Beef and Chickpea Soup」(カレー風味のビーフとひよこ豆のスープ)でした。が、いざ作り始めたら、ひよこ豆ではなくミックスビーンズが入っていました(涙)。豆類には違いないですが、ミックスビーンにはキドニービーンズやピントビーンズなどが入っていてひよこ豆は入っていないので、風味が結構違うので残念でした。とても簡単に出来るスープで、作り始めて20分ほどで出来上がりますが、あまり美味しいとは思わなかったです。まぁ、普通かな。早く出来上がるようにミンチを使うのだとは思いますが、スープにミンチが入っているのは食感が今ひとつな感じがしましたし、風味的にもチリコンカーニの水分を増やしたような感じで個人的に好みではなかったです。半分くらい残っているので、残りは明日のランチかな。



Today’s dinner was “Curried Beef and Chickpea Soup” from Hello Fresh.  Just when I was going to add chickpeas, I realised sadly that it was a pack of “mixed beans” rather than chickpeas.  Although they are both pulses, the mixed beans pack didn’t contain any chickpeas, it had kidney beans and pinto beans (and maybe another), the flavours are quite different.  It was very quick to make, I think it was done in 20 minutes as the recipe says, but we didn’t like it so much.  It wasn’t terrible, it was just OK and we wouldn’t order it again.  I guess they use mince beef because it’s quick to cook but somehow I found the texture strange in soup.  It was like soupy chilli con carne, not really to our taste anyway.  About a half is left so perhaps we’ll have it for lunch tomorrow.

Still, 5 out of 6 meals so far were very good and we enjoyed them very much, so that is quite good although 2 mistakes in 2 weeks isn’t great.  (They forgot to include some bread that we ordered as an additional order in last weeks kits.)

P.S.  I contacted them about the chickpeas and was told that they had to substitute.  Then why didn’t then let us know at the delivery?  The last time when they forgot the bread they said a human is packing so a mistake happens.  This time it was a substitute but didn’t think of letting us know.  Is this normal in England??  We are satisfied with the meals so far but not the service.





My husband has come down with a cold, I wonder where he picked it up.  I’ll try not to get it from him…



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