Curry (From Pot-Au-Feu)


My husband looked not well at all from the evening yesterday from a cold.  He took Japanese medicine for cold (works really well, of course it doesn’t get rid of the cold but it does make you feel much better) last night and again this morning, but he started feeling better around lunch time today and seems much better since.  He still sounds nasal but he’s eating and behaving normally.


It was another miserable day as you would expect.  We had to wait for a couple of deliveries this morning, but after having lunch (last night’s left-over soup, it tasted much better today, I guess it’s a type of food that gets better next day.  I did also add some cumin powder, which added extra flavour), then went out in the afternoon for shopping (not fun shopping, just to get a few things we need at home, we are forever doing this).  We waited for the rain to subside but almost as soon as we started walking from our car another patch of heavy rain started.  It was quite windy as well so we got soaked even with an umbrella.  By the time we finished shopping, it was only spitting and by the time we got back to our car we saw some sunshine.  We must’ve done something bad to deserve such bad timing!

今日の夕食は、少し前に作って余ったものを冷凍していたポトフを使って、カレーにしました。夫とテレビを見ていて気がついたら遅くなっていたので慌てて作り(ご飯は炊いていましたが)、サラダも忘れてしまいました。こちらに来てすぐに Waitrose で買ったカレールーを使ってカレーを作って美味しくなくてびっくりしましたが、今日は日本食材を扱うお店でオーダーしたルーで作ったら美味しく出来ました。スーパーで買ったものも日本のメーカーのものではあったのですが、輸出用に作っていて中身が違うのかもしれません。

Today’s dinner was curry using the left-over pot-au-feu that we froze a little while ago.  We were watching TV and didn’t see how late it was, so we had to hurry to make it – so forgot to make a salad.  We made a curry once soon after arriving in England using a Japanese curry roux we bought from Waitrose but it wasn’t nice at all.  It was from a Japanese maker but I wonder if the content is different because it was made for export.  Anyway, we bought some Japanese curry roux from a Japanese grocery shop online and it turned out much better.


I sautéed onion, garlic, ginger then added curry powder, then some tinned tomato, then some defrosted pot-au-feu and water before adding some roux.  Most of the vegetables and beef had sort of gone disintegrated but it still tasted good.


There is some left so we’ll have it for lunch tomorrow.



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