Pub Lunch (The Swan)


I was so sleepy early last night, couldn’t even write the blog!

昨日も(今日もですが)引き続き、途中雨もぱらついたグレーな1日でした。夫が「しばらくパブに行ってないから、パブでランチしたい!」というので、昨日のランチはパブでした。何度か行った、The Swan。Fittleworth 14世紀後半に建てられた建物で趣があり、作曲家のエルガーもよく訪れたパブだそうです。

It was (and still is) a very grey day with some drizzles.  My husband wanted to go to a pub for lunch as we hadn’t been to one for a while (I seem to remember we’d been to one only a week ago but I don’t mind going again) so we went to The Swan in Fittleworth.  Apparently, it was built in late 14th century, and the composer Edward Elgar used to visit it often.  I love old buildings like these.





I had “today’s pie”, which was pork and apple.  The pie crust is homemade unlike it often is store-bought frozen puff pastry these days.  It has suet so to be honest I personally don’t like it so much so I left most of the crust but my husband enjoyed it instead.



My husband had Sausages & Mash.  We exchanged about a half of my pie with his half of a sausage.





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