Valentine’s Day Dinner

今日はお昼前にお友達の家を出て、途中 M&Sでサンドイッチを買って帰ってきて、テーブルだけ掃除してとりあえずランチをし、それからお掃除にかかり、終わったのは3時半ごろ。3時間くらい掃除をしていたことになります(ものを戻す時間も入れて)。壁の白い粉が色々なところに積もっているので掃除機で吸ってから埃取りのシートで拭いて、それから濡らして絞った布で拭いているのですが、拭いても拭いても乾くとまた白く浮いてきます(涙)。気にしていると延々に掃除しなくてはいけないので、とりあえず終わりにしました。1週間先には本格的なリノベーションが始まるので、それが終わったときにもっとしっかりお掃除することに。そして、外は雨と風、また嵐がやってきているそう。お庭の椅子やテーブルはガレージに入れたままで良かった。

We left our friends’ a little before lunch time, stopped at M&S to buy some sandwiches for lunch, got home, cleaned the dining table and had lunch.  We then started to cleaning the place and finally finished around 3.30pm, so I guess we were cleaning for about 3 hours.  The powdery dust from the walls is everywhere.  We cleaned surfaces with the hoover, then with a duster, then a damp cloth, but no matter how many times I wipe everywhere the white dust comes back when it’s dry so after wiping 3 or 4 times I gave up.  I’m trying not to look, otherwise I’ll be cleaning forever!  In one week the major renovation will start so we’ll leave a more thorough cleaning until that is over.  It’s a miserable day, apparently another storm is on its way, it’s grey, rainy and windy.  I’m glad we didn’t take the garden furniture back out of the garage after the first storm the other day.

さて、昨日のディナーは予定通り、お友達のお宅でステーキでした。ステーキと食後のチーズは Petworth のお肉屋さんとデリで昨日買ったもの。ステーキは、夫とお友達はフィレ肉、わたしとお友達のご主人はリブアイ。

So, about dinner last night.  We had a steak dinner with our friends at their place as we’d planned.  Steak and cheeses were what we bought at the butcher’s and deli in Petworth yesterday.  Fillet for my husband our my friend, ribeye for my friend’s husband and I.

まずは、スパークリングワインで乾杯。Arundel をお友達ご夫婦とぶらぶらしたときに入ってお話を聞いたイギリスのスパークリングワインのお店のものを買ってみました。この後、お友達ご夫婦が買われた、やはりイギリスのスパークリングワインに移行し、最後は赤ワイン。

First we had a bottle of sparkling wine from a place called Digby – an English sparkling wine company that we came across when we were walking in Arundel with these freinds a month or so ago, so we wanted to try it.  We then had a bottle of another English sparkling wine that our friends bought at a winery the other day, then red wine with the steaks.



We had the starters in front of the fire in the living room. Parma ham, olives, smoked salmon, prawn cocktail.


My friend’s husband cooked mushrooms and the steaks. I prepared Potato Dauphinoise and a small salad.



As we’d known each other from our Hong Kong days, we talked a lot about Hong Kong; we are all very sad about the current situation of Hong Kong, but we mainly talked about all the fun times we had there together.  With just right amount of alcohol, we were all relaxed and had a wonderful evening.

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