Petworth – Great Butcher, Cafe and Deli


Happy Valentine’s Day!



My husband and I have always exchanged cards at least, but not this year. Basically I cannot get anywhere without my husband as I don’t drive (I do have a license but never drove after getting it) and all the materials and tools for making cards are still in boxes.


When I asked my friend we are staying with if they had a plan for Valentine’s Day she told me they were going to have steaks at home, so we decided to do so with them. The electrical work at home finished yesterday so we didn’t need to stay out today but we’d already made the plan and were looking forward to it so we are staying with them anyway!

今日はお友達ご夫婦はそれぞれ御用でお出かけ。わたしと夫はステーキ用のお肉を買いに美味しいと聞いたお肉屋さんがある Petworth という街に行くことに。今日はお友達の家からだったので車で40分くらい、うちからなら25分くらいのところにあります。アンティーク屋さんなどが沢山ある古い素敵な街並みの街でずっと行きたいと思っていましたが、なかなか時間が取れず、また、今は寒いし暖かくなったらゆっくり行こうと言っていた街です。

My friend and her husband both had things to do today so my husband and I went to Petworth, where we were told there is a great butcher. It’s about 25 minutes from our place although today it was about 40 minutes as we went there from our friends’. It is a lovely town with lots of old buildings and we’ve been wanting to go when the weather is better.


We left our friends’ around 11.30 and got there around midday. We’d driven through the town a few times, it really is a charming town.


まずは、お肉屋さん(Hungry Guest)でステーキ用のお肉などを調達。サセックスの赤牛だそうです。

First we went to the butcher “Hungry Guest” to get steaks. The beef they have is from Sussex Red cattle.



Then we had lunch at a cafe run by the Butcher in the same name, Hungry Guest. I had Chicken Slider and my husband had Buck Rarebit. I was expecting small chicken burger but it was a large one. Enjoyed it, though.



The same butcher also runs a deli so we had a look there hoping that there is a good cheese selection and we found they have a cheese room! We bought 3 kinds of cheese and a ciabatta for the dinner tonight. There were a lot of different breads as well. It was full of delicious loooking things, very happy to have found such a deli!


We wanted to walk around the town but it has turned very cold and windy so we didn’t think we’d enjoy walking, so next time. We are going back next week so if the weather is better we can do that then.


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