Sticky Beef

リノベーションのために家を出る前に Hello Fresh は1か月ストップしましたが、予定より早く戻って来たのでデリバリーの住所をコテージの住所に変更して再開の手続きをしたので、昨日の朝無事にデリバリーされて来ました。またまた、材料の1つの生姜が入っていませんでしたが。

Before we left home for the renovation, we stopped the deliveries of Hello Fresh for a month but we re-started and changed the delivery address to the New Forest cottage last week for this week as we are back earlier, and it was delivered yesterday morning safely although they’d forgotten one of the ingredients (a ginger) again.


As we are trying not to eat out much we ordered 4 meals this week rather than our usual 3.


For today’s dinner we chose ‘Sticky Beef’. It’s a little spicy (the recipe says very hot but I would say mild to medium). All you do is stir fry beef, onion and green pepper, add spices, hoisin sauce and soy sauce, very quick. The rice was ready-cooked type that you just microwave. They seem to use this type when the meal is a quick one.


The beef was a little tough, which might be because I overcooked it. It tasted fine, not special but good enough.

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