The first Dinner In The Garden – Chicken Salad


Today’s dinner was a very simple chicken salad.  Today was the day to pick up the orders we made online on a supermarket and I tried “marinaded chicken” like before but with chilli and lime marinade this time.  It was Thai flavour.  It’s done in 15 minutes in the oven.  As this time it was fillet rather than breast it seemed drier but tasted good though it could have used more seasonings.


I would have liked to make a salad with avocado and mango, but the avocado we bought today were not ripe and the mango we tried twice were not good at all so I’ve sort of given up with making my favourite salad; this time I used grapes and plums.


I started preparing the dinner while we were having G & T, then decided to have dinner in the garden.  This was the first dinner we had in the garden since we moved to England.  My husband sent a photo of the dinner to his brother telling him that we were having dinner in the garden and he sent us back a shot of the dinner they were having in their garden (homemade pizza!).  It was a bank holiday today here, VE Day.  My husband told me that he saw people sitting at their front gardens and talking to their neighbours at lunch time.  We wished we were with my husband’s brother and his family for dinner on such a lovely day, maybe we should have done “Zoom”.








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