Smoky Banger Pasta Bake


As I slept only 3 hours or less, I was so sleepy when we were cooking dinner, although I’m feeling more awake now.  I don’t know how I used to function in Singapore when I didn’t sleep much, which happened often enough.  I used to manage having lunch with friends and stay up until after dinner.  Maybe because I’m not used to it any longer now that I can sleep better than in Singapore, or maybe just because I’m older.

今日の夕食は、「Smoky Banger Pasta Baked with Bacon and Chilli Beans」(スモーキーなソーセージパスタ、ベーコンとチリビーンズ入り)というものでした。ベーコンを炒めて取りだして、赤パプリカとエシャロットを炒めたところにニンニク、スモークパプリカ。キドニービーンズの煮たものを加えてさらにさっと火を通し、パックのトマトを加え、少し煮詰めたところに別にオーブンで焼いたソーセージを切って加え、クレームフレッシュを混ぜ、茹でたリガトーニを合わせ、グラタン皿に入れて焼いたベーコンとチーズをのせてオーブンで10分。

Today’s dinner was “Smoky Banger Pasta Baked with Bacon and Chilli Bean” from Hello Fresh.  You sauté bacon first and take it out.  Then sauté shallot and red pepper until soft, then add garlic, smoked paprika & kidney beans (cooked) and stir for a minute before adding a pack of tomatoes.  When it’s reduced a little, you add sausages that you have baked in the oven and then chopped up, add creme fraiche, mix with the cooked pasta, pour it all in a gratin dish, sprinkle cooked bacon and some grated cheese, and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.


As often, it has creme fraiche, which adds depth, but also makes it quite heavy.  200g pasta was used for 2 of us, which isn’t huge amount but with sausages, vegetables and creme fraiche, we just managed to have a about half of the final dish.  The left-over will be tomorrow’s lunch.





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