Chicken Rogan Josh with Green Peppers and Cardamon Brown Rice


It was another beautiful day.  It looks like it’ll be good sunny and warm weather for quite a while.  The sunset time is now around 9.00pm so it’s still light outside when we finish our dinner.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Chicken Rogan Josh with Green Peppers and Cardamom Brown Rice」(チキン・ローガンジョッシュ、グリーンのパプリカとカルダモン・ブラウンライス)。ですが、ついてきたバズマティライスの玄米ではなく、日本のお米を炊きました。

Today’s dinner was “Chicken Rogan Josh with Green Peppers and Cardamom Brown Rice” from Hello Fresh – but we cooked Japanese rice instead of using the brown basmati rice.


Rogan Josh is from Kashmir, where there was a lot of influence from Persia, and in western countries it has lots of tomatoes – and this one did.   It was more like chicken in tomato sauce than chicken curry, and quite acidic because of the pack of tomatoes used.  It was fine as a chicken in tomato sauce but didn’t taste much curry flavour and quite different from what we thought but then maybe our expectation was wrong.  There isn’t a lot of chicken left but quite a bit of the sauce because it was very saucy, so we’ll probably add some water and Japanese curry roux to and have it with rice tomorrow for lunch.



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