Steak Night

数日前に Petworth のお肉屋さんでリブアイステーキを買っていたので、今日の夕食はステーキ。いつものように低温調理器 Anova で調理してからフライパンで外側だけ焼いています。ソースは赤ワインとピンクペッパーのソース。ステーキは夫が担当。

We went to the butcher in Petworth the other day to get some meat and bought ribeye steak, so we had steak today.  As always my husband was in charge of the steak, he cooked it with Anova (low temperature cooking equipment) first, then seared outside in a frying pan.  The sauce was red wine & pink peppercorns.


I was in charge of the side dishes. My husband loves Potato Dauphinoise so I cooked that and also some carrot and sugar snap peas.  We didn’t have any cream so we used sour cream instead with some milk.  It was all very tasty.


I set the table with shocking pink napkin, which is similar colour to the peony we have on the table.






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