Getting Together With Friends


As the lockdown has been loosened and it’s allowed to see people in your garden as long as you are not more than 6 people and keep the social distance, we finally met our friends today!   The last time when we got together was when we stayed with them in the middle of February so it’s been almost 4 months!  As we hadn’t seen them for such a long time we would have liked to hug them but of course that isn’t sensible, so we kept our distance, I must say it felt very strange.


They came with their own glasses and wine and we sat at the opposite ends of a 2m table drinking wine and did some catching up.  We would have liked to serve some nibbles but we didn’t feel that was allowed so we just had a bag of crisps between us.  The reason why we put 2 empty cheese boards on the table was to stop the table cloth flying away, as it was quite windy.






We were very happy to be able to see them and to know that both of them and their families are all well.  While the season is good to meet outside, it would be great if we can get together now and again in each other’s gardens.  (It rained just a little about an hour and a half after they arrived, so they left then.)

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