Cheese Fondue


Although it was sunny, it has been extremely windy all day long – very strange weather.


It looks like the number of death by Coronavirus in the UK has been steadily going down.  We’ve been worried that the 2nd peak may come but so far we haven’t had it.  The numbers on weekends are lower so we need to look at the average but sometimes only about 3 people a day, I’m guessing without seeing the detailed data that the average number is probably about 20 or less.  Some countries in Europe are having the 2nd peaks and the number of infected seem to be going up a little (due to the increased number of tests, I guess) so we cannot say it’s over yet, but at least it is definitely getting much better.  I would like to go away for a change within the country soon if it keeps going down…  I feel like a change.


エメンタール 110g
グリエール 190g
白ワイン 200ml
キルシュ 少し
ニンニク 1かけ
ナツメグ 少量
コーンスターチと水 適量


Now, the dinner today was Cheese Fondue.  We used to use one of those store-bought fondue packs that you just warm up but we cannot find any here so we are making it from scratch.  I don’t feel it’s that different from bought ones but you do have control over the ratio of the cheeses.  Today we used less Emmental than Gruyere, simply because we had only 110g of Emmental.   I have to say I liked it better than the usual half-and-half ratio, so that was a good accident.

110g Emmental cheese
190g Gruyere cheese
200ml white wine
Some Kirsch
1 garlic clove
Some nutmeg
Some corn starch with water.

As always we had it with a large salad, some boiled small potato, carrot, Parma Ham & Salami.  I like putting some sort of fruit in the salad specially when we have Cheese Fondue, today I used grapes and a plum.











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