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A new piece of furniture was delivered today.  At the moment, when you order some furniture, they deliver it only to the main door, they wouldn’t come in to put it where we want, so we cannot buy anything heavy.  We need to get a chest of drawers for our bedroom but we won’t be able to carry it upstairs so we haven’t been able to order one.  This metal cabinet is light and has little wheels, so we were able to move it very easily.

Our interior designer was shocked but we still don’t have enough storage for what we have in the kitchen and the dining room.  Once the double garage is converted to study/craft room/pantry, we’lll have more storage but at the moment some drawers are too full to be functional.  There was a small area in the corner on the garden side (near where we have a couple of arm chairs), so we decided to put some sort of furniture there.  There isn’t a lot of space so at first I was thinking of putting a few shelves on the wall but you can use open shelves only for certain things and not so practical, then I saw this cabinet online and thought this may be more useful  as we can put little things in the drawers and I thought the industrial style goes with the rest.  (I did ask the opinion of the interior designer, though, as I have no confidence….)   Each drawer is quite small so there are only certain things that can go in each one but we have put kitchen cloths, candles, candle holders etc in them for now.  We feel it goes nicely with the rest of the kitchen, it sort of softens the look, being different from the rest.  It makes it a little more modern by mixing up the styles, too.



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  1. Sartenada says:


    Beautiful and practical. Thank you showing it.


    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you for your comment!

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