House Renovation – Master Bedroom (Addition)


In the last few days, when I go to bed, somehow I start thinking about the design of the craftroom that will be renovated soon and I cannot stop thinking about it, which is stopping me falling a sleep, so I’m even later to fall asleep than usual.  Last night (well, early in the morning really), when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the empty wall at the door and thought, “That Double Ikat we have may look good there.”  I thought it was silly to hang anything there as nobody will see it, but I realised we do see it from the bed.  It goes well with the wall colour and also the Batik in frames that are hung near the bed.  So my husband hung it today.



This fabric is called Double Ikat because the pattern looks the same from both sides.  We bought it in a little village well known for this craft, I think, when we visited Bali for the first time.  I cannot remember exactly when it was, but probably about 20 years ago.  I’m sure it has faded over the years.

(When I took this photo, Roomba was working hard at vacuuming the floor).





The 2 frames with batik are here next to the bed.



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