Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad

今日の夕食は、ロースト野菜のクスクスサラダでした。クミン風味のピリ辛のソースを少しかけていただきます。多少変えてはいますが、Delia Smith のレシピで、香港時代から作っています。いつもはお野菜だけでは夫が物足りないかなと思い、チキンを焼いたものと一緒にいただくことが多いのですが、今日はチキンがなかったのでサラダだけ。夫が物足らなく思うかと思ったのですが全くそういうことはなく、これだけで十分美味しいとご機嫌でした。

Today’s dinner was “Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad” from Delia Smith’s cookery book.  I’ve been making this since when we were in Hong Kong more than 29 years ago.  I usually serve it with chicken as I thought my husband may not be very happy with just this, but we had no chicken at home today so we had just this – but he was very happy with it.  We had it with a spicey cumin flavoured sauce.


Usually I put couscous first in a bowl, then put on salad leaves and then roasted vegetables, but for some reason I’d forgotten to put the couscous in first, so we served it in another dish.  Roasted vegetables used are tomato, courgette, aubergine, red pepper, onion & garlic.  All you do is to season them then mix with a little olive oil and roast in the oven.  They become very sweet and delicious.  I had some of it as a pita sandwich.

シンガポールで普通のスーパーで良く買っていたピデ(トルコパン)、こちらではネットオーダーでも見つかりません。ピタパンもスーパーのものやベーカリーのものをいくつか試してみたのですが、どれもパサパサで全然美味しくないし、パンに関してはとても困っているのですが、昨日書いた「Arabica London」でオーダーしてみたピタパンが、オーブンで2分温めていただくとふわふわでとっても美味しく、しかもオーブンから出して時間が経っても硬くならず美味しいです。ファラフェルキットは美味しかったのですが量が多過ぎて当分いいかな、という感じなのですが、ピタパンは近いうちにまたオーダーすると思います。

We used to quite often have pide (Turkish bread) in Singapore as it was available in many places, but here I haven’t found any even online shops.  We have tried a few pita in a few supermarkets and bakeries but they are all very dry and horrible.  We haven’t really been happy about bread here at all…  However, the pita bread we ordered from “Arabica London” with the falafel kit is very nice.  You warm it up in the oven for 2 minutes and it becomes warm and fluffy, it doesn’t get dry sometime after you take it out of the oven either.  Although the falafel kit was very good, we probably won’t order it for a while because the portion is just too big, but we’ll order their pita bread soon again.















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