Keema Curry & Dhal

今日の夕食は、とても久しぶりに(多分イギリスに引っ越してきてから初めて)キーマカレー とダールにしました。キーマカレー はパキスタンご出身のお友達に教えていただいた、本格的なレシピ。今日はポテト入り。ダールはお料理教室で教えていただいたレシピ。

We cooked Keema Curry & Dhal for dinner today.  We hadn’t had this for a long time – I think this is the first time for us to cook this in England.  The recipe for the keema curry is from a friend originally from Pakistan, so very authentic.  I learned the recipe for this dhal at a cooking class in Singapore.


Personally, this dhal isn’t good without fresh curry leaves, which are fried in oil with garlic and cumin and then poured into the dhal.  It seems like they had them in supermarkets here but some years ago they stopped allowing them to import from India because of some disease of curry leaves.  I don’t know if these were imported with some special procedure or grown in England but I ordered them when I ordered mangoes from an online shop.  Fresh curry leaves add such lovely aroma.  The problem is that this is the only recipe we use fresh curry leaves for, so we always end up wasting the rest.  I put the rest in the freezer but I’m not expecting them to be good as I’ve read they loose flavour when frozen.














ちなみに、ご飯、キーマカレー 、ダールを入れた器はどれも3年前に旅行したインドで購入したものです。まだ、3年なんですね〜、もっと前のような気がします。



The dishes we used for keema curry, dhal and rice are all what we bought in India when we travelled there 3 years ago.  It was only 3 years ago but feels like much longer.

We had such a wonderful trip owing to many people in India.  I cannot help wondering if they are safe as the situation in India with coronavirus is so scary and saddening.  Also, the number of people infected with the India variant in England has gone up by a lot, which is very worrying.

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