Hamburg With Zucchini


In England, the lockdown will be loosened further tomorrow and pubs/cafes/restaurants will be allowed to open indoor tables, hotels are allowed to open and we’ll be allowed to spend time with our friends/families up to 6 people (or 2 households) indoors.  The Indian variant of Corona virus seems like it’s much more infectious, which is very worrying as we are allowed to be indoors with other household people, but I do hope that the vaccine will be very effective and will stop it spreading too much.  We’ll have to continue to be careful.


It’s the season of the flowers like wisteria and rhodrendrons and I’d love to go out and see them, but the weather is not good at all, it rained a few times today and it looks like it’ll rain in the next one week or longer.

先日の「Pork With Zucchini」のお野菜とソースがたくさん余っていたので、冷凍していたハンバーグを焼いてソースの中で煮て、煮込みハンバーグにしました。ハンバーグは2つしかなかったので使いにくかったのですが(夫は普段2つは食べます)、ソースにお野菜がたくさん入っていますし(ほぼほぼ溶けてしまいましたが 笑)ご飯と食べればそこそこ満足感があります。それでも、夫はやはり「もう1つ欲しかったな。」と言っていましたが。

There was quite a lot of the vegetables and the sauce of “Pork with Zucchini”, left over so we used it to cook hamburgs (that we had in the freezer) in the sauce.  There were only 2 hamburgs so we haven’t found a good opportunity to use them but there was a lot of sauce and I thought it’d be satisfying enough with rice and it was – although my husband was saying he wished there were 2 for him.





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