Pork With Zucchini


Today’s dinner was “Pork with Zucchini” (this is the recipe but it’s only in Japanese), which was posted last week and made me want to have it.  Although it’s very easy, it does take time to cook pork shoulder and I knew we would be out today so I cooked it last night.


The recipe is in the link above but as we had only about 470g of pork shoulder, it has a lot more vegetables and tomatoes for the amount of pork.  As I cook this in a Staub, the water doesn’t evaporate so much, so I used half of the amount of water and also cooked it with the lid slightly off after an hour so the sauce would thicken.  Also this time I added a little strong flour when searing the pork.

ポークの肩ロース 470g
ズッキーニ(中) 2本
パプリカ(大) 1個
玉ねぎ(中) 2個
トマト(中) 2個
缶トマト 1缶
水 缶トマト2分の1缶分
豆板醤 大さじ 1
ブイヨンの顆粒 大さじ2
醤油 大さじ2分の1強
強力粉 大さじ1

Pork Shoulder 470g
Zucchini (medium size) 2
Pepper (large) 1
Onion (large) 2
Tomato (medium) 2
Tin Tomato 1
Water (half of  the tin of tomatoes)
Dobanjan  Tbsp 1
Bouillon powder Tbsp 2
Soy Sauce Tbsp 1/2
Strong bread flour Tbs 1







It was very tasty, my husband seemed to love it, too.  There is still quite a lot of the sauce and the vegetables left, perhaps we’ll cook Japanese Hamburg steaks in this.



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