French Patisserie Lesson (Zoom) /Linser Torte & Virrine au Lait de Soja

1月に初めて受けたフランス菓子のレッスンEcole de Patisserie Chez Haru のズームレッスンを受けました。1月は酷く緊張して大変だったのでしばらく受けていませんでしたが、今回のレッスンは比較的簡単そうだったので受けてみました。シンガポールで受けていた時は先生がお道具から材料から用意してくださっていましたし、お友達と一緒に受けていたので大変と感じずにとても楽しく受けていましたが、一から自分でするとかなり大変に感じます。でも、1月のレッスンよりもお道具も材料も大分少なかったような気がします。

I took a French baking lesson from “Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru” on Zoom today.  I took one of these for the first time in January but I was quite nervous then and also found the preparation and the actual lesson quite a lot of work so I needed a bit of a rest, but today’s baking looked like it would be less intense so I had another go.  When I was taking her live lessons in Singapore, she prepared and weighed everything and I took the lessons with my friends so I never found it a lot of “work”, it was always a lot of fun, but when you have to do everything yourself it’s a lot of work.  Still, I thought we needed fewer ingredients and tools this time than in January.



*Linser Torte (リンザートルテ)
*Virrine au Lait de Soja (豆乳のパンナコッタ)


I learned to make :

  • Linser Torte
  • Virrine au Lait de Soja



Linser Torte is originally from Austria, where they use redcurrants, but in Alsace in France they use raspberries – so we made raspberry compote for the filling.  Apparenlty it is one of the oldest tarts in the world.  The recipe uses hazelnut powder but I’m not a fan of hazelnuts so used Almond powder instead.  The lines of the top lattice came out a bit crooked, but it was very tasty.  I baked 2 cookies using the left-over dough and they were also very nice.







I used to make Panna Cotta now and again, but this is the first time I make it using soy milk.  Frustratingly, you cannot easily get good quality soy milk in England, so I had no choice but using “soy milk drink”, which has a few unwanted ingredients.  I can maybe try it with almond milk next time.  The teacher’s samples look elegant as she used narrow glasses, but we don’t have such small narrow glasses, so I used low and wide ones.  I need to decorate them after they are set so no photo yet – I’ll post a photo another day.



This is the teacher’s photo of “Virrine au Lait de Soja (Soy Milk Panna Cotta)


May be an image of strawberry, dessert and indoor




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