Picnic At Home


The French baking class started at 4.00pm and didn’t finish until around 6.30pm, so we’d planned to have a simple “Picnic at Home”.  I must say, though, that just cutting and putting everything on a board seems to take much longer than I think.  These boards takes 30 minutes to an hour to prepare including setting the table.  Today’s one was quite simple so it only took us 30 minutes.


サラミ3種類、チョリソー、生ハム、小さなチリにチーズ詰め、ぶどう、トマト、チキンレバーパテ、茹で卵、りんご、きゅうり、セロリ 、オリーブ、ブランストンピクルス、チーズ3種類、パン。

Salamis (3 kinds), chorizo, Parma ham, stuffed small chilli with cheese, grapes, tomatoes, chicken liver pate, boiled eggs, apple, cucumber, celery, olives, Branston Pickles, cheese (3 kinds), bread.





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