Virrine au Lait de Soja (French Patisserie Lesson)


Yesterday, at the French Patisserie Zoom class, I guess I made the raspberry compote on a stronger heat than necessary and there wasn’t enough for decorating the pannna cotta on top, so today I made another batch of compote.


The teacher used long and thin glasses, which makes them lovely and elegant looking, but we don’t have the same sort of glasses so I used these 2 types of short and large ones.


The way the teacher decorated them was to slice strawberries horizontally very thinly and stick them inside the glasses here and there so they look like red polka dots, which is very cute.  However, as I used shorter and larger glasses, I thought that wouldn’t work and sliced them vertically and just put them in a circle inside the glasses.  Sadly nearly a half of them came off when I poured in the liquid.  The teacher told us to slice the strawberreis as thinly as we can, but maybe my slices were a little too thick.  Also, slicing vertically made the slices much larger and maybe that made them easy to come off.





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