Apple Sausages


The weather seems to have changed for the better and it was a lovely day today.  It looks like it’ll be good for a while. It’s been quite cool and humid and hadn’t felt very summery.  We had only a short spell or two of summery weather this year and I was worried maybe it’ll turn into autumn already.   Having said that, the highest temperature expected is only about 23C or 24C, which is more like late spring weather in Japan but I don’t like hot weather so that’s high enough for me.  In fact I’m a bit worried if the hotel rooms will be too warm as we are having a short trip soon.


Usually, I think of menu for dinner next day and move the meat we need from the freezer to the fridge, but I totally forgot to do so last night.  Fortunately we had a supermarket delivery, which included M&S Apple Sausages.  I wasn’t going to use them so soon because we had sausages the other day but we decided to have them today – with roast potatoes, boiled carrots and green beans.  We like these sausages, they are a bit sweet, not so salty and seem lighter than many others.





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