Chilli Con Carne

フットボール(Euro 2020)、イギリス残念でした。でも、銀メダルですから、立派です。

It was sad that England didn’t win the football Euro 2020 final last night, but they won the silver medal, a great achievement!




Recently, the weather hasn’t been that great, the temperature has been low for summer and it has rained quite often.  However, it looks like it’ll get warmer and sunnier from Wednesday for a while.  I don’t think it’ll be as hot as calling it a heatwave, though.  This summer hasn’t been so hot, not like last year and the year before, when they had quite a long spell of above 30C hot weather.  Even so, we have been using the aircon all summer, just for a short time every day but it does get too hot to sleep in the bedroom.  I wish it had a timer function to turn it off, though.  You can set the timer to turn it on but not to turn it off, which doesn’t make sense, we would like to turn it on before going to sleep then off in about an hour as it gets too cold after that.  The only thing we can do is to be woke up by being too cold and turn it off manually.  Very strange.

Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carni that we’d frozen when we made extra a month ago.







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