Chicken Curry


We cooked Chicken Curry for dinner today, I think it’s sort of a Sri Lankan style though, not authentic.  I referred to Jamie Oliver’s Curry Sauce recipe, but didn’t really follow it very closely as we didn’t have what was necessary, I just used a few spices we have.  I first marinaded chicken thigh in yogurt, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander & salt for a couple of hours.  Then I heated up oil, sauteed cumin seeds and curry leaves, then added minced onion until slightly coloured, then added cumin, coriander, fenegreek, cayenne pepper, black pepper, store-bought curry powder, and sauteed it all for a few minutes, added tin tomatoes, a small amount of water, a pack of coconut milk, and simmered it for 5 minutes or so before adding the chicken.  I also added thickly sliced onion and when the chicken was tender enough added broccolis, then coriander leaves at the end.


I know they don’t mix chicken with vegetables in India and Sri Lanka but they have a few different curries at one meal.  We only had this chicken curry so I wanted to add some vegetables and used onions and broccoli.


I wasn’t following the recipe much and just added this and that as I tasted now and again and in the end I thought, “It’s not great but it’s OK.”  I think it was on the mild side because of the coconut milk, we didn’t say “Yummy” after one or two mouthfuls, but as we ate more we thought it was quite tasty.  Perhaps I should have used less coconut milk, but it was pretty good for something where I just winged it.







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