Light Supper (Avocado Toast & Salad)


As we’d had quite a big lunch we didn’t feel very hungry in the eveing, so we had avocado toast (using the bread I baked in a machine this morning) and a salad.  Sadly, 2 of our 3 avocados were no good – one was totally unripe, and the other was over-ripe and black – so we shared the remaining small avocado.  Some drizzle of good olive oil on a slice of toast, some avocado on top, salt & pepper, coriander leaves, toasted pine nuts, and balsamic vinegar.  The salad is simple – tomato, onion, rocket & romaine lettuce, dressed with raspberry vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper & olive oil.  We enjoyed it very much.  Like we sometmes find, once we started eating we started to feel hungry and thought we could have had more.


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