Lunch At Carluccio’s In Chichester


I went to Chichester for a hair salon today so after that my husband and I had lunch at “Carluccio’s.  Although it’s a chain restaurant, they tend to be quite consistantly good so we’ve been there a few times.


My husband had Lasagne.  I thought about ordering the same but it was Beef & Lamb Lasagne so I couldn’t.  My husband said he would have prefered just beef but it was still very tasty.



I had Papadelle with Beef Ragu with Olives.  I don’t think I’ve ever come across beef ragu with olives, it felt a little strange but tasty enough.  The only thing was that the pasta strands were all very short, a couple of them were about 15cm but the rest were only about 5 or 6 cm.  I guess they used the last broken bits of a packet for my pasta.




It was very cold today as they predicted, very cold and windy all day.  My husband tells me that it snowed for about 10 minutes this morning and in the north of England some snow settled.  I was wearing my middle-of-winter down coat but I was still cold.   Brrrr…


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