Chilli Con Carne


I had my hair coloured this morning, the last visit to the hair salon this year.  I guess everyone is keeping away from places like hair salons, as it was quietter than usual.  Having my hair looking good is very important to me so I went but I did do another Covid test before going out and the result was negative.


The number of people infected by covid specially Omicron has been alarmingly increasing recently, which we were expecting, although the number of daily deaths seems to have been around 140 for quite a while.  With the worsening situation, there have been a couple of announcements by the government and we are now in Plan B.  They finally made it compulsory to wear masks in restaurants as well, and they are suggesting that we become more selective of the people we meet and minimise the number of people to see before and during Christmas.  This time last year the situation was getting worse, too, and we ended up cancelling our stay at a hotel over Christmas.  We don’t know at this stage if we will still go ahead or we will cancel it again this year.



Tonight’s dinner was Chilli Con Carni, which was my husband’s request, it’s from the freezer.  We had it with rice, a salad and garlic bread and enjoyed it very much.



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