Christmas Treats


Every year before Christmas we buy quite a  lot of Christmas treats and they seem to last us forever.  Last year I think it was about summer when we finally finished everything and I have a feeling that the same thing will happen this year.  Not all are here but – Pandoro, Panetonne, Panforte, Turkish Delights (Pistachio), Marron Glace, Christmas Pudding, Mincemeat etc.


Last year we bought a Tea Advent Calender and a Chocolate Advent Calender.  I’d been wanting to do that for a long time but I feel satisfied that I did that last year.  I found having just one of each was a bit annoying when there are two of us and did think about getting 2 of one of the advent calendars but I also felt we didn’t enjoy them as much as I thought we would – it was actually a bit of a pain to do it every day and say, have a different tea every day.  I know that is the whole point of it, but as we didn’t really enjoy it we decided not to do it this year.


Anyway, as there is so much to eat, we decided we’ll start eating them before Christmas.  I have seen quite a lot of people eating Pandoro and Panettone, so I guess you don’t need to wait until Christmas to eat them.





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