Simple Apple Pie (Zoom Lesson)

お友達がズームで開催されているお料理教室「La Table Enchante 」の4月のレッスンの中のフランスイタリアンベーシックで教えていただいた、シンプル・アップルパイを焼きました。時間が合わないのでいつも後からYouTubeでレッスンを拝見して、作りたいものだけ作っています。先日、翌日にチキンパイを作ろうかと思って冷凍室から冷蔵庫に移していたパイ生地を消費しなくてはいけなかったので、さっそく教えていただいたパイを焼きました。

I took a cooking class of  “April / French & Italian Basic” that my friend runs on Zoom and one of the recipes we learned was “Simple Apple Pie”.  As the timing is too difficult for me to take the lessons in real time I just watch the video of the lesson later and cook/bake whatever I fancy.  The other day I moved puff pastry from the freezer to the fridge thinking we’ll use it to make a chicken pie but we made curry instead that day, so I wanted to use the puff pastry for something else and decided to bake this apple pie.


I had to bake it quite a few minutes longer than the recipe (our oven tends ot colour the top very quickly so I covered it with aluminium foil once it was browned, but it was very good.  The filling, which is caramerlised apples, was delicious on its own.  I did make them darker than the sample because I tend to like it that way, but I think it’s delicious with ice cream, too.


The teacher of course teaches the dishes using ingredients that areo used in Japan, which aren’t all available here and even the same ingredient can taste quite different here (often Japanese vegetables and fruits are much sweeter than what we get here), so I do need to make some adjustments, but she is very happy to suggest substitutes or what to do to make the adjustments.  Although the name says “basic” it isn’t necessarily basic knowledge that she shares, she was a professional chef for many years so she shares a lot of tips that only chefs can.  I love learning something new, but I cannot find any cooking classes around here, so I always look forward to taking her classes.



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