Beef Casserole


There was a lump of shin of beef in the freezer, put there six months ago so we decided to use it for dinner today.  We go to the butcher we like every few weeks, buy all sorts of meats, vaccum pack them all and put them in the freezer.  As they are vacuum packed they don’t seem to deteriorate much.


We decided to use it for a casserole as it’s easy.  Both my husband and I (my husband from early in the morning and I in the afternoon) worked on this and that in the garden for hours today and we were both quite tired, so we didn’t want to go through recipes.   Beef Casserole is something where you can just wing it.  I sauteed chopped onion, carrot & celery, then added floured chunks of shin of beef, some wine, some water, tomatoes (I froze some tomatoes before we went away on holiday so used some of those), large chunks of carrots, Bouquet Garni (I used a bay leaf and some thyme from our garden and a little leaves of a celery), then cooked it in the oven at about 160C for about 3 hours.  I added some potatoes about an hour before the end, then when everything was tender I added a little honey, a little soy sauce and salt & pepper.  It was very tasty.  There is a small amount of it left but it’ll become curry sometime soon.



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