Garden Update



There are 4 peonies open in our garden.  We planted 6 of them (3 in 2 different places) but only 2 have flowers.  I hope the other 2 will flower next year.




We planted 6 lupins but only 2 had flowers so far, they had nearly finished so I cut them both today, apparently that’ll encourage more flowers to open.  The one in front is one of the 2 we bought from a garden centre the other day, the other one is also looking good in another place.


Only the largest kinds of alliums are still blooming, but the other 2 kinds have finished, some have gone green.



I quite like these, too.



We found a lot of the penstemon have buds.  There are a lot of them planted, so I expect that the garden will look brighter again once they bloom.



The green plants in the shade in the front are all penstemon.


There are also a lot of them near the smaller patio.


This was a tiny little plug plant of cosmos just a couple of weeks ago, but a tiny little pink flower opened up.  So cute.




We knew there was a red rose plant in a corner of our garden that the previous owner planted but it had never flowered well so we told our garden designer they can get rid of it – but it is still there and has quite a few flowers now.


I also found a huge red clematis near one of our fences, we never saw them before so I don’t know if it was behind something or it has come under the fence from our next door neighbour.  It had gone all over the Belle Etoille that is near it and it took me a long long time to untangle the vine.


The flowers of geranium have gone much bigger and taller so you can now see them from far away.  They are in many places in the garden.





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