Thai Dinner With Friends (Thai Time In Arundel)

昨日は、お友達ご夫婦とディナーにタイ料理を食べに行きました。比較的近くにお住まいなので、時々ご一緒しています。前回は中華でしたが、今回はタイ料理。この辺りでは、わたしたちは一番美味しいと思っているアランデルの「Thai Time」に行きました。それぞれに食べたいものをオーダーして、シェアーしました。

We went to a Thai restaurant for dinner with our friends.  They live relatively near us so we get together once a month or so.  The last time we went to a Chinese but this time Thai.  We went to “Thai Time” in Arundel, which we feel is the best restaurant we’ve been to around here.


Corn Fritter.



Pad Thai.  I don’t always love Pad Thai but I really liked this one.  The texture of the noodles and seasonings were just to my liking.


We ordered Sour Sausage instead of Chiang Mai sausage, I prefer the Chiang Mai Sausage.




Stir-fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts.  I think many western people like this but I’m not too fond of it in Thai restaurants because it’s more Chinese than Thai and I prefer a Chinese one in a Chinese restaurant.


Laab Moo (mince pork salad) that I love.  It was, I thought, a little more spicy than usual but I enjoyed it.



I forgot to take a photo but we also had Green Chicken Curry (it’s in the pan with a lid), and it was also good.


デザートは、バナナフリッターを夫婦でシェアー。わたしたちは Boho というブライトンのアイスクリームを作っているブランドのマンゴーアイス添えにしたのですが、あまり好みじゃなかったです。

For dessert each couple shared a Banana Fritter.  We had Boho Mango Ice Cream instead of the usual vanilla, but I didn’t like the taste so much.




There were a couple of things that were not my favourites but they were all very good.  I particularly enjoyed the Laab Moo, Pad Thai and Green Chicken Curry.


Thai Time
61 High Street
Arundel BN18 9AJ



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