It’s been quite cool in the UK until now but the temperature went up a couple of days ago and it feels that the summer has finally come.  The highest temperature today is 25C around here and is 27C in London and it was so hot when I went out in the garden a little before lunch time, the direct sun felt so hot.


So, my husband wanted to have a smoothie for the first time this year.




I usually use frozen bananas, but we had some strawberries that needed to be eaten as soon as possible so I added them as well, which made the colour lovely and pink.  However, to be honest I prefer just bananas (or just strawberries).  All I add to the fruit is water and a little maple syrup.


The temperature will be high until Saturday, the weaher forecast says it’ll be 33C in London!  OMG!  Air-conditioning still isn’t as used here as in other parts of the world, it’s nearly impossible to do shopping in such temperatures.  We are going to be in London from Sunday.  The forecast says the temperature will go down from Sunday – I hope they are right.



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